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Tsubaki Premium Repair Hair Care Value Set Tsubaki Premium Repair Hair Care Value Set

Tsubaki Premium Repair Hair Care Value Set

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Tsubaki Premium Repair Hair Care Value Set

Capacity 1. Premium Repair Shampoo 490ml 2. Premium Repair Conditioner 490ml 3. Premium Repair Hair Mask 180g
Effect Cleansing, Repairing

1. Premium Repair Shampoo: Hold the cap (1) steady and twist the nozzle (2) in the direction of the arrow until the top pops up. dispensed. Wet the hair and scalp. Apply adequate amount to hair, work into a lather and rinse out thoroughly.

2. Premium Repair Conditioner: Hold the cap (1) steady and twist the nozzle (2) in the direction of the arrow until the top pops up. Push the nozzle several times until product is dispensed. Dry gently after shampoo. Apply adequate amount throughout the hair and rinse out thoroughly.

3. Premium Repair Hair Mask: After shampoo and conditioner, squeeze excess water from hair and apply desired amount of product.Work into the entire length of hair and rinse thoroughly.


1. Premium Repair Shampoo / Conditioner 490ml

Get salon quality hair at home with zero waiting time!

Enriched with beauty and repairing ingredients to help repair damaged hair caused by chemical treatments. Leaving hair healthy, smooth and shiny.

Formulated with Shiseido’s unique Innovative Permeation Technology inspired by salon treatment techniques to deliver beauty ingredients to the hair’s core.


1) Widens and repairs the hair’s CMC (cell membrane complex) passageway for beauty ingredients to absorb effectively. When the hair is damaged, the hair’s CMC passageway shrinks and not able to absorb the ingredients effectively.


2) Absorbs and infused the nutrients of the beauty ingredients deep within the hair core

- Repairing ingredients: Royal Jelly, Soybean Protein, Camellia Oil

- Moisture & shine charging ingredient: Squalane


3) Seals and hold the beauty ingredients into the hair

Dual amino acids helps repair damaged and peeling areas of the hair cuticle and then firmly seal the hair’s protective covering. Helping to repair split ends.


Suitable for:

• Damaged hair caused by chemical treatments, heat and styling


Results in 1 use based on consumer test research on Asian females*…

92% agrees that hair looks healthier than before

92% agrees that it helps to repair damaged hair

92% agrees that it helps to smoothen split ends

94% agrees that it makes hair smooth and manageable

94% agrees that product is gentle to scalp

*Used with both Tsubaki Premium Repair Shampoo and Conditioner together


Tsubaki Premium Repair Conditioner 490mlTsubaki Premium Repair Shampoo 490mlTsubaki Premium Repair Conditioner 490mlTsubaki Premium Repair Conditioner 490mlTsubaki Premium Repair Conditioner 490ml


2. Premium Repair Hair Mask 180g

Through "innovative penetration technology" can effectively enhance the absorption of cosmetic ingredients, so that an immediate and efficient beauty ingredients penetrate into the hair, without waiting for time, show shiny supple hair.

Zero wait: Rinse immediately after applying the hair can also play its repair care efficacy.

No need to visit the hair salon professional hair care effect, eliminating the waiting time and high cost.

Beauty ingredients penetrate into the hair immediately after use, so there is no need for any waiting time. Immediately after the hair cuticle closed and then hair beauty ingredients tightly locked in the hair, the gloss directly penetrate the severely damaged hair tail, so that the hair velvety smooth and smooth, showing a long lasting effect of counter hair care.

Rich beauty ingredients include camellia oil, pearl protein, osmotic amino acids, hyaluronic acid, royal jelly.

Elegant and gorgeous topical Camellia honey to reconcile the aroma of aroma fruit.

No added preservatives, no pigment, mild and no need to protect the scalp and hair.