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[Buy 1 Gift 1] Kose Sekkisei Starter Kit [FREE] Sekkisei Mist 40ml [Buy 1 Gift 1] Kose Sekkisei Starter Kit [FREE] Sekkisei Mist 40ml

[Buy 1 Gift 1] Kose Sekkisei Starter Kit [FREE] Sekkisei Mist 40ml

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[FREE] Sekkisei Mist 40ml
Cleanse, Brighten & Moisture! Try out Kose Sekkisei Starter Kit today to reawaken skin luminosity, leaving the skin soft and smooth!

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Kose Sekkisei Starter Kit [FREE] Sekkisei Mist 40ml

Capacity 1. Sekkisei Treatment Cleansing Oil 35ml 2. Sekkisei White Washing Foam 20g 3. Sekkisei Essential Souffle 35g 4. Sekkisei Lotion 9ml 5. PVC Pouch [Pink/Blue] [FREE] Sekkisei Mist 40ml
Effect Cleansing, Moisturizing, Radiance, Smoothing

1. Sekkisei Treatment Cleansing Oil: Pump two to three times onto your palm. Using your fingertips, massage into skin to gently remove makeup and sebum. Rinse off with cold or warm water. If your hands or face is very wet, dry off lightly before using the product.

2. Sekkisei White Washing Foam: Wet the face and palms first. Then lather it well between the palms with some water (cold or lukewarm). Wash the face with the lather and rinse thoroughly.

3. Sekkisei Essential Souffle: Pump onto your palm or a cotton pad then gently massage into your skin. Recommended to use after applying Lotion.


This set consists of:

1. Sekkisei Treatment Cleansing Oil 35ml

2. Sekkisei White Washing Foam 20g

3. Sekkisei Essential Souffle 35g

4. Sekkisei Lotion 9ml

5. PVC Pouch [Pink/Blue]

[FREE] Sekkisei Mist 40ml



1. Sekkisei Treatment Cleansing Oil

Smoothly removes makeup and dullness*. Cleansing oil that purifies skin to creates beautiful and clear transluceny. (*Caused by old cornified layer)


  • Oriental herbal oil compounded in high density that gently embraces skin with a mild texture, cleansing it to create clear translucency.
  • Three types of coix seed oil, sesame oil, and safflower oil with high emollient effect softens coarse skin and smoothly removes color sedimentation, keratin plug, and coarse texture adhering deep down in the pores.
  • Comfortable texture that gently spreads on skin, like a soothing oil massage.
  • Does not give sticky finish. Tones skin to a plump and smooth state.
  • Can be used with wet hands.
  • Comforting floral scent, common to all SEKKISEI products.

Texture – A dense, rich and smooth oil that gently spreads over the skin, leaving it feeling nice and comfortable as if being massaged by a soothing oil. Not sticky nor greasy.

Scent – A comforting modern floral scent common to all SEKKISEI products

Key Ingredients

  • SAFFLOWER SEED OIL - Extracted from the seeds of the safflower, the oil contains an abundant amount of linolic acid (an essential fatty acid) that softens skin with its emollient effect. The oil helps improve blood circulation.
  • SESAME OIL - Has both antioxidant and emollient effects to soften cornified layer and improve skin metabolism. Skin texture becomes softer and appears clearer.
  • COIX SEED EXTRACT OIL - Oil extracted from coix seeds, a plant indigenous to China and IndoChina. High in emollient, the oil protects moisture in skin and treats dullness caused by dryness. Helps create translucency in skin as it improves water circulation.
  • ANGELICA EXTRACT - To brighten and moisturise.
  • MELOTHRIA EXTRACT  - To brighten and moisturise.


2. Sekkisei White Washing Foam

Remove residues and old skin cells containing melanin, resulting in extremely clear-looking skin.


  • Face wash with moist and dense foam rich in oriental herbal essences, supporting the regeneration of skin to create snow-like translucent skin.
  • Compounded with oriental herb and plant-derived washing ingredient, Ritha tree essence, which creates fine foam that removes old cornified layers containing melanine and clogs in pores. Smoothly washing them away without burdening the skin.
  • Skin feels soft and moist after washing, instead of feeling parched.
  • Comforting floral scent, common to all SEKKISEI products.

Texture: Finish is moist, foamy and refreshing.

Key Ingredients

  • RITHA TREE ESSENCE - The fruit of the ritha tree has long been used as a pure plant-derived cleansing agent. Its essence extracted from the skin of the fruit smoothly cleanses old cornified layers and clogged pores that contain melanin, which causes dullness of skin. It also improves skin’s metabolism.
  • FERMENTED COIX SEED EXTRACT - A hydrating and whitening extract that when fermented develops heightened antioxidant effects and the ability to support the synthesis of ceramid and moisturising agents. Clarifies skin and treats dullness caused by dryness, as it improves water circulation, resulting in translucent skin.
  • MOUTAN CORTEX ESSENCE - Extracted from the root skin of the tree peony. Said to have effect on improving blood circulation, which may result in translucent skin free of dullness.
  • ANGELICA EXTRACT - To brighten and moisturise.
  • MELOTHRIA EXTRACT - To brighten and moisturise.
  • GLYCERIN - To moisturise.
  • PALM-DERIVED DETERGENT - To gently cleanse skin


3. Sekkisei Essential Souffle

Softening moisturizer that melts instantly into your skin for supple, hydrated skin with a plump, silky finish. Just like a souffle.

A luxurious blend of Asian herbal extracts balances moisture while making skin soft and luminous. Essential Souffle is an emulsion and essence in one.

  • Emulsion Effect: Two-Layer Oil Sealing Formula – souffle-sensation oil for skin that feels silky smooth and hydration-supply oil to provide lasting hydration for skin.
  • Essence Effect: Upon application, SEKKISEI’s technology allows the formula to instantly penetrate into the skin of any type.

Key Ingredients and Benefits

  • Fermented Coix Seed Extract clarifies and moisturizes
  • Angelica Extract hydrates
  • Melothria Extract moisturizes
  • Lithospermum Root Extract for anti-inflammation
  • Sesame Oil softens skin and clears complexion